Our Firm

RiverPark Financial Group was founded by Rick R Staggs, CFP®, AIF®, with a clear vision to assist individuals and business owners successfully reach their financial goals. We are a client-centered firm that places the needs of clients at the forefront and a firm with a first-class customer service support team able to assist clients when issues arise. 

We are an independent firm that works diligently with your advisors or our financial alliance partners. We take the time to access your current financial situation and help establish your priorities for the planning process.

We will be with you every step of the way—from gathering facts, to analyzing your current financial situation, to discussing your various options for implementing the plan of action that you choose. We will have a real and meaningful conversation using language that you understand, not financial lingo that is confusing. We will go with you and assist in meetings with other advisors at your election. Once your plan is in place, we will monitor the progress and track the results to our stated objectives. 

We are a firm that is selectively growing. We want to work with individual and business owners who are motivated for the right reasons. Making sure that your hard work and sacrifice is not wasted and you are able to pass it along to your family and loved ones. Keep more without wasting time and money to taxes, fees, and unnecessary expenses. We strive to provide our clients with uncommon support and service.

Expect the unexpected!